Where To Sell Baseball Cards

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Figure Out What Your Baseball Card Is Worth

First, to sell your baseball cards, you have to figure out how much you can get for them. There are a few software programs on the internet where you can calculate your baseball cards’ worth. 

These Nifty little tools will ask you for a year, brand, player’s name, and manufacturer number to give you a reasonable estimate of the value of your card. If you don’t know where the information is, you can always check the card itself, the box it came in, or do a quick internet search.

Typically, the date and player’s name can be found right on the front, while the manufacturer and brand might be on the back of the card or the box. Nevertheless, finding the necessary information should not be too hard, and once you do, you can move on to selling them. 

Top 5 Places Where You Can Sell Your Baseball Cards

Now that you know how much they’re worth, you can go to one of these five spots to get a fantastic price for them. Make sure they are in the best condition possible because no one wants tattered collectibles.

1. Beckett

Anyone in the trading card community knows Beckett and how they can get you paid. Beckett is a website that allows you to trade cards with registered numbers and gives you helpful pricing guides and checklists.

It allows you to sell your massive collection to buyers willing to pay a pretty penny. The trading card hub connects you with a whole host of buyers with the click of a mouse.

However, you will need a membership to use the website in earnest. Furthermore, you cannot get any of the pricing guides free as they also are a customer perk. 

2. Card Shows

If you have never heard of a card show before, let us be the first to tell you they are an excellent place to sell your collectible baseball cards. Not only that, but they may not even be that far away from where you live.

Card shows can be better than selling your cards online because you get to bring all of your collection and auction each instead of only having to pick from a select few. Many online forums will only take specific items you may not have or are willing to give up.

The best way to find your local card is to type into Google “Card shows near me,“ and you’ll get locations, dates, and times. The only drawback with this method is the distance between your house and the nearest show.

3. Check Out My Collectibles(COMC)

Do you have a good idea of where to sell baseball cards yet? If not, Check Out My Collectables is another excellent spot where you can find someone willing to buy your baseball card collection.

You can sell pre-open packs to individual collectors if you so choose. They also have express 2-week shipping if you pay the premium price of $2 per card. You’ll have to wait a little bit without fast shipping, but you only pay $0.50 per card.

COMC will also take care of the advertising for you, so you do not have to worry about becoming a salesperson. Unfortunately, they will not take your unopened pack, so you must look at the previous entries on this list to sell those.

4. Dave and Adams (D&A)

Dave and Adam’s is where you can sell any card you have on tap with little resistance. Trade open packs, unopened packs, individual cards, vintage, etc., and you only pay for shipping. It’s a great place to find a potential buyer willing to relieve you of excess cards.

They even give you a $25 gift card if you exchange $500 worth of cards on their website. Their website is fairly easy to navigate, and they have testimonials from satisfied customers who have used them for years.

The only snag you may hit with selling your cards is any individual card will have to be worth at least $50 for you to get a listing on the website. Other than that, you can sell whatever card you want.

5. eBay

Who could forget good ol’ eBay, one of the internet’s first auctioning sites? Auction any card and watch supply and demand make you rich! If you’re lucky, you can potentially get it for more than what it is worth.

eBay is a bargaining forum where you can place a card on the market and have others bid on it freely. A card you think is worth only $50 may sell for $200 because someone else really needed it for their selection.

The famed auctioning site has very few cons, but a glaring one is its high seller fee of over 12%. There is also the shipping cost, but you can ask a buyer to take care of that.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, now you know where to sell baseball cards and get a pretty penny for your new collection. Here is a condensed list of the previously mentioned options:

  • Beckett
  • Card Shows
  • COMC
  • D&A
  • eBay

Any one of these places will be your best chance of finding some cash for your extra set of baseball trading cards. 

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