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In the United States, football is as much a lifestyle as it is a sport. Tailgating, painting your face, hosting watches, and collecting memorabilia like signed jerseys, cups, and football cards are all commonplace amongst fans of the sport. 

But just because it’s common doesn’t necessarily mean it’s easy—especially for those looking to sell items they’ve collected that they no longer want nor need. So if you’ve been struggling to find where to sell football cards you’ve had since you were a pre-teen, don’t worry. We can help. 

The Definition of a Football Card

Football cards are “memorabilia” linked to a specific team or player. Football cards come both individually and in team packs. Their value comes from collectors who want to own as many cards as possible or complete a set and superfans dedicated to finding as many ways as possible to support their favorite team or player.

Even so, football cards are not necessarily a niche interest. Due to their ability to serve as casual mementos of teams and players, they hold widespread appeal. They may be collector’s items, but there is just as much sentimental value in owning football cards as there is monetary value.

Why You Should Sell

Now, while packing up your dusty football cards may seem like an easy, stress-free option, at the end of the day, there’s nothing in it for you. Putting them in your attic, never to see the light of day, ensures that no one else will get the chance to enjoy them. Also, football cards are messy. Why store them if you don’t have to?

On the other hand, selling your football cards presents far more pros than cons. While some stores may not be willing to buy them for the price you originally paid, most will. 

Not only is selling the key to some quick cash, but it also provides the opportunity for new people to fall in love with your football cards the way you did. Regardless of your reasoning for selling, the most likely outcome is your cards going to a good home.

What Makes a Football Card Suitable for Selling?

Finding where to sell football cards isn’t as easy as posting an ad online. In a market as dominated by fanatics as football, it’s important to do your research if you want to ensure you get the best possible deal.

Like most memorabilia and trading cards, football cards increase in value the older they get, Meaning your Joe Montana card you’ve had for years will get you a better return than the Deandre Hopkins card you picked up last month. 

The increase in value as cards get older is due to supply and demand. As certain cards get older, companies stop producing them in large quantities. As they become scarcer, people are willing to pay more for them.

Another factor that influences the value of a football card is its condition. While cards naturally start to fray and bend with age, selling a card in mint condition is much easier than selling a card that looks like it’s spent most of its life in the cupholder of your Toyota Sequoia. 

To ensure your cards stay in good condition until you’re ready to sell, consider storing them in dry rooms with little to no natural sunlight.

Picking the Right Place to Sell Your Cards

When it comes time to sell your football cards, you will confront many people and places looking to buy them. It’s impossible to list them all, but we’ve compiled a good list of the ones worth considering.


While it’s not the first place that comes to mind when someone says “football,” eBay’s status as one of the world’s largest e-commerce sites always makes it a solid option for anyone looking to find buyers for an item. 

Selling on eBay allows you to set your own listing, and its auction-style selling makes it easy to earn top dollar for your product. If you believe in your ability to properly assess the value of your cards and put in extra effort, then eBay may be the place for you. 

However, it is worth considering the site’s steep seller’s fees when deciding where to sell your cards.

Facebook Marketplace

Another site not specific to sports memorabilia, Facebook Marketplace, is free to use and allows you to sell items locally. While items that require shipping incur a selling fee of 5%, this is usually lower than other sites and apps. 

If you are looking to sell your cards as quickly and cheaply as possible, the Facebook marketplace is a good option. Still, be mindful that Facebook does not offer many seller protection benefits, meaning you will have to vet potential buyers on your own.

Local Sports Cards Shops

Going to a local sports cards shop is often your best bet to find a buyer for your football cards, especially if you don’t want to deal with the hassle of e-commerce sites. 

In addition to making a quick buck, selling to your local sports cards shop creates a relationship with the owner. Something that could come in handy down the line if you ever find more cards you want to sell.

But while it’s nice to have a local, consistent buyer you can trust, the buyback offer might be lower at local sports card shops than it would be online. Also, because of the rise of e-commerce sites, local shops are quickly going extinct.

Blowout Forums 

Blowout Forums is a site that allows you to talk to collectors and others about everything from your cards to sports news. 

There are forums for baseball, football, gaming, soccer, fantasy sports, comic books, coins, and baseball, but you cannot sell your products in any of them. Instead, you will be redirected to the Blowout Store and forced to see if any of your cards are on the “wanted” list.

While it is much less likely that you will complete a sale here than at the other places we listed, we’ve included Blowout Forums because it allows collectors and more to build a community around their favorite sports.


There are different options for where to sell football cards if you have some you need to get rid of, but the choice is yours! You can take it to a shop in person or test your luck with online selling. You’re sure to find someone out there looking to buy the exact card you are trying to sell. 

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