PSA-graded cards stand out as a great way to prove the value of your cards. Whether you collect football, baseball, or soccer cards, you can always check the value and sell them. However, how do you know where to sell PSA-graded cards to prove their worth?

After all, what if you sell cards to someone who doesn’t recognize the value? As you research and understand the resources available, you can get a decent PSA grade and find the ideal place to sell your cards.

What Is a PSA-Graded Card?

Professional sports authenticator (PSA) graded cards refer to specific cards that received an official rating. PSAs look at multiple criteria to determine the value and condition of the card so that you can prove its value.

Once they check the card and ensure it’s in good condition, they give it a rating of up to 10. On that scale, a 10 means it’s in near perfect condition while a one means it’s in poor condition. The grades sometimes include decimals to provide as specific of a grade as possible.

In short, if you collect cards and get them graded, you can discover their worth. Moreover, you can receive the official grading and a certificate to prove the card’s authenticity.

How Do They Grade Cards?

As you look into the PSA grading process, you’ll notice they focus on four main points

  1. If the card is centered.
  2. If the corners have any bends or damage on them.
  3. If the edges are fraying or have any damage on them.
  4. If the surface is still clean or has streaks and wear on it.

The grading incorporates all the points above, so the PSA will go through the card and give it a grade. From there, you get a general idea of the condition of your card and its worth. For example, a card with a three quality won’t have as much value as one with a nine.

The grade can also impact the value of the same card type. For example, you can have two of the same cards with different grades, so they go for different amounts. However, PSAs focus on remaining unbiased and offering an accurate card assessment.

Where To Sell Them

Once you get some cards, you’ll want to know where to sell PSA-graded cards. Luckily, you have multiple options available, so you can pick whichever works for your situation. That way, you can compare the potential money to how much effort you need to put into it.

Sports Auctions

If you don’t know where to go, you can start by contacting a sports auction. Sports auctions refer to places that sell off sports memorabilia and similar items. Such a location works excellently for PSA-graded cards since you can appeal to that demographic.

Sports auctions make it easy for you since you can contact the company and let them auction your cards. That way, you put in minimal effort but maximize your money as people keep bidding on your cards.

However, you must give a percentage of the money to the auction. On top of that, the bid could go low, leading to potential risks. On the other hand, since it doesn’t have a cap, you can make tons of money, so it works great if you want to take a risk.


Alongside auctions, you can also identify websites that let you sell PSA-graded cards. For example, some may let you post them on a marketplace, while others may purchase the cards from you and sell them separately.

Sites that purchase your cards will give you a quote and offer a price. That way, you don’t have to worry about the selling process. However, you won’t get the total value for the card since they need to make a profit.

As for marketplaces, you can list the price and get what you want. However, you have to handle the entire selling process on your own. They both offer their advantages, so see if you’re going to let someone else tackle the work or if you want to maximize your money.

Pawn Shops

If you want to avoid the internet, you can try local stores and sell to them. For example, you most likely have pawn shops in the area, so see if they take cards. You can visit different pawn shops and see which offers you the best deal.

Pawn shops will discuss the price with you and find a fair deal. If you go to a pawn shop familiar with PSA-graded cards, you can get some good value out of the exchange. On top of that, once you sell cards to the shop, you no longer have to worry about them.

However, you won’t get the total value from the cards. Also, if the workers don’t understand the value of the cards, they may not give you a fair amount. However, it works great if you plan to get money as quickly as possible.

Find Local Collectors

If other choices don’t help you out, you should look into selling the cards locally. For example, you can make a post online and find out if you have any local collectors in the area. You can also go to forums to see if people want to buy your cards.

Going straight to the collectors will help you make money since you don’t need to split the money with a third-party seller. You can also sell to people who understand the value of the cards to help you maximize your profits.

However, finding local collectors can become complicated depending on where you live. On top of that, you also have to do the work on your own. Nevertheless, it does stand out as a great way to make money from your cards.

Final Comments

PSA-graded cards can become valuable, especially if you own older cards in excellent condition. If you do your research and believe you own rare cards, make sure you seek out a PSA. Doing so will help you verify the authenticity of the cards and prove their worth.

Remember that fake cards exist, so don’t get too hopeful with your cards. However, if you remember purchasing them from official packs, you won’t need to worry. Check them out, figure out where to sell PSA-graded cards, and make some money.