People sometimes end up with belongings they no longer want or need. For example, you may have sports memorabilia from when you were young or some you inherited. From there, you need to figure out how to sell the memorabilia.

However, you may question where to sell sports memorabilia since you have multiple options. As you think about the locations available and choose, you can sell your sports memorabilia for a fair price.

Points To Keep in Mind

Before you decide where to sell sports memorabilia, remember these key points.

  • Do some research on memorabilia to understand the value.
  • Check the condition of memorabilia to remain realistic.
  • Understand the risk and potential for forgeries and fakes.

Before you get involved with selling, you need to understand the value of your memorabilia. Doing so means you should research your items and see their value online. Then, you can apply the value to your things to avoid getting ripped off.

However, the value of your memorabilia will vary depending on the condition. For example, a mint baseball card will go for more money than one with a bend at the corner. The same applies to any additions, such as signed memorabilia.

Sometimes, you may think you have a valuable item, but you must consider potential fakes and forgeries. For example, someone could make a copy of a baseball card and make it seem real. Because of that, you need to verify items or get someone who can identify fakes.

Once you understand how to navigate sports memorabilia, you can determine the value. From there, you can decide where to sell sports memorabilia. On top of that, you can avoid scams and receiving a low value when you sell it.

Two Common Types of Memorabilia

As you try to sell sports memorabilia, you’ll find two significant markets to work with: trading cards and signed memorabilia.

Trading cards usually add up in price when the originals only have a few printings. Older cards can also increase in value, especially if the player passes away. From baseball to football, you have plenty of options for trading cards.

As for signed items, you can find tons of memorabilia from various players. Sometimes, they mark jerseys, baseballs, and any other things related to the sport. As long as the items were used or signed by players, they can increase in value.

Places To Try

Once you understand the worth of your sports memorabilia, you can find a place to sell it. Make sure you think about these locations since they’ll give you a place to sell your memorabilia or they’ll buy the items from you.

Online Marketplaces

You can always start by using online marketplaces to sell your memorabilia. For example, some people use Facebook Marketplace to sell their items to those nearby. They also use Craigslist to put up their things for sale.

You don’t have to deal with a third party when you use these marketplaces since you can sell directly to the buyer. You also get to set the price to get the exact value you want out of the process.

However, you must deal with customers directly, so some may try and haggle or scam you. You also can’t guarantee you’ll sell the item since you must wait for people to contact you through the listing. However, it offers the most freedom and flexibility with prices.

Online Auctions

You can go with online auctions if you want to make the process easier. You list your items on a website for online auctions, and the creators put your things into specific categories. Then, you can set the minimum and let people bid on your items.

Online auctions work well since you can maximize profits by letting people go as high as they want. You also don’t have to do as much work since the website automatically sells the item to the highest bidder.

However, if you end up with low bids, you may not get as much money as expected. Depending on the auction, you must send a portion of the sales to the website. Luckily, you give yourself great odds to make more money through bids.

Memorabilia Investors and Pawn Shops

As you search for people who want to buy your memorabilia, you’ll come across memorabilia investors and pawn shops. Memorabilia investors purchase sports items and sell them later to make more money. Pawn shops buy products from you and sell them at their shops.

Usually, investors and pawn shops stand out as quick ways to make money. You meet them, hear their quote, and immediately sell the item. That way, you can finish the process quickly and move on to other things.

However, you usually make less money through investors and pawn shops. Since they need to make a profit, they’ll buy it for less than the actual value. Nevertheless, they handle the bulk of the work and make it easier for you.

Contacting Collectors

Sometimes, people just want to collect sports memorabilia. For example, if they’re big fans of specific teams, they’ll collect various memorabilia and keep the items in their homes. If you visit forums and look online, you can find these collectors and contact them.

From there, you mention your item and offer to sell it to them. The sellers will usually find a way to purchase it from you if you have something they want. You can also look into different groups and contact people to see if anyone wants to make the purchase.

However, finding collectors can become complicated if you don’t know where to look. You can also rub people the wrong way if you try and sell items in forums. However, you can score a solid sale if you find the right collector.


You can get the most value out of your items as you look into where to sell sports memorabilia. Of course, doing so will take some planning and research, but you can maximize the value and do your best to find the best option in your area.

From selling online to contacting collectors, you have plenty of options while you decide where to sell sports memorabilia. Make sure you consider the differences, find your best choice, and make the most money possible from your efforts.